Une culture dans le respect de l'environnement

Une histoire

The Madelin small field has roots in the planting of the first acres of vines in 1994. It comes to chardonnay.

The slopes of Vaux, winemaker village south of Auxerre, are characterized by very good basement and ground since we are on rocks of the kimmeridgian and an exhibition in South line / South - East.

Our slopes which dominate the Yonne River that gives its name to our Department, offer a very special climate which can look to its illustrious neighbor.
This vineyard, to the names of evocative localities as the top-good-drink, sides burned and other Côte d'Or..., was operated by the monks of the Abbey Saint Germain of Auxerre. Which gives it a very old reputation dating back to the 2nd century.

He does not resisted the phylloxera crisis. He fell to the abandonment during half a century including because the two major wars where it is then developed the culture of cherry in Auxerrois now therefore activity of soils.
Thanks to the tenacity of some, the vineyard of Vaux taken renaissance in the early 1960s. In 1993, the Decree of appellation Bourgogne Côte D'auxerre involves Vaux: this reward and puts forward a particular terroir.

We made the choice from planting, to cultivate our vines of organically as well, we preserve the soils and the health of consumers who rely on a healthy product. The vine is happier because she has never tasted the synthetic pesticides.

The wildlife regulation occurs naturally, we use no insecticides. The proximity of Hedges and orchards of cherry trees promotes the activity of auxiliaries.


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